Veggie burgers to rave about June 7, 2017 09:56

Veggie burgers can be incredibly satisfying when done right. Start with a tasty, juicy vegetarian burger and build from there. We have all kinds of burgers here at Linda McCartney Foods to help you on your veggie burger journey. Choose your bread, your burger and pile on the toppings.

Our Vegetarian Mozzarella 1/4lb Burgers are fantastic with sundried tomato paste, rocket and thinly sliced onion. Or our newly vegan Pulled Pork Burgers with lashings of BBQ sauce and crunchy sliced cabbage. If you’re on a health kick, try our Vegetarian Mushroom and Spinach Burgers in a low-carb cauliflower bun with juicy garlic mushrooms, lettuce and ripe avocado.

What combinations will you come up with? Let us know at… @LindaFoods


Vegetarian Burgers
Vegetarian 1/4lb Burgers
Vegetarian Mozzarella 1/4lb Burgers
Vegetarian Mushroom and Spinach Burgers
Vegan Pulled Pork Burgers


Mary McCartney wraps our burgers in foil before cooking, opening up for the last five minutes, to keep them nice and juicy!

Buns and bread

Brioche bun
Two slices of crusty bread
Traditional squishy burger bun
Low-carb cauliflower buns
Whole wheat tortillas

Toppings and extras

Chunks of ripe avocado
A handful of mustard cress
Slices of tomato
Thinly sliced red onion
Crunchy lettuce, rocket or cabbage
Garlic mushrooms
Pickled cabbage or cornichon
Melty cheese
A fried egg

Dollops and drizzles

Sundried tomato paste
All kinds of pesto
Dijon mustard
Seasoned Greek yoghurt
Sriracha or other chilli sauce

On the side

Oven roasted wedges
Green salad with tangy Caesar dressing
Watercress and avocado salad
Macaroni and cheese (feeling indulgent?)