Linda’s Traditional Enchiladas



A tasty dish that is highly nutritious. The creamy Vegemince filling is rolled up inside tortillas, which are baked until crisp. Serve a salad of crisp green leaves and orange segments alongside, for a refreshing contrast.

Recipe from Linda's Kitchen 1995


350g Linda McCartney’s Vegemince
2tbs vegetable oil
Half small onion, chopped finely
125g cheese, grated
125ml crème fraiche or soured cream
Half tsp. chilli powder
4 tortillas


Sauté the Vegemince in the oil. Mix with the onion, cheese, crème fraiche (or soured cream) and chilli powder and use to fill the tortillas. Roll them up and bake seam side down at 180c for 10-12 minutes or until hot through and crisp on top.

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