• How to BBQ our products

    One of the great things about Linda McCartney burgers and sausages is they stand up extremely well to barbecuing. Learn how to get the best out of them with this how-to guide.
  • Veggie burgers for a crowd

    Looking for some inspiration to feed a crowd? Here’s our newly vegan Vegetarian Pulled Pork Burgers with all kinds of tasty toppings...
  • Vegetarian hot dogs made right

    Hot dogs are simple to put together and the toppings can be varied so everyone is happy!Here are some of our favourite vegetarian toppings so you can turn our veggie sausages into a hot dog feast.
  • Vegetarian Vietnamese banh mi recipe

    Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches are a mix of French and Vietnamese cuisines. They are made with the crusty baguettes the French brought to Vietnam, which the locals then piled with shredded meats and tangy pickles,...
  • Spanish-style brunch

    Vegetarians and vegans often get the short end of the stick when it comes to brunch, but we’re here for you! Try our simple, one-pan Spanish-style brunch.
  • Vegetarian hoisin duck spring rolls

    Fancy something healthy and summery? Our fresh spring rolls are stuffed with Vegetarian Hoisin Duck (crispy and soft all at the same time!) with shredded carrot, cucumber, fresh herbs and chilli.
  • Welcome to Linda’s Veggie Table!

    Feeding loved ones was hugely important to Linda and our Veggie Week kitchen workshops were about learning to do just that. Linda’s Veggie Table was all about inspiring food lovers to take their vegetarian cooking ...
  • Three vegetarian barbecue menus

    There are so many options for a vegetarian barbecue. All kinds of juicy burgers and sausages to throw on the grill, as well as caramelised veggies, and colourful fresh salads. Here’s three menus to get you started.
  • Let’s hear it for vegetarian fathers!

    Show your veggie-loving Dad you love him this year with a vegetarian fish and chip feast.
  • Veggie burgers to rave about

    Veggie burgers can be incredibly satisfying when done right. Start with a tasty, juicy vegetarian burger and build from there. We have all kinds of burgers here at Linda McCartney Foods to help you on ...