• Linda On Campus

    We’ve been touring the country, bringing our veggie sausages to the people! We’ve visited Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Exeter, Norwich, Southampton, Durham and Lancaster universities on our...
  • Our favourite veggie cooking equipment

    Make your vegetarian or vegan meals taste even better with our favourite veggie cooking equipment. Great for getting tasty food on the table even faster...
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    Our favourite vegetarian blogs...
  • Our veggie sausages like you’ve never seen them before

    We’ve got some yummy recipe inspiration for you – our classic veggie sausages with a twist! Cut them ­­into pieces and stir through rice, crumble cooked sausages over tacos or complete a brilliant veggie breakfast.
  • New product launch

    Exciting news! We have four NEW mouth-watering products to take you through autumn and this winter’s party season! Our new snacks and treats are quick to prepare and are all vegan-friendly, so everyone in the family...
  • How to substitute eggs

    If you are vegan or are exploring a vegan diet, you often need to substitute eggs. They are used for binding in many dishes and are often an important baking ingredient. Our how-to guide gives you
  • Vegetarian cooking tips

    Time-saving, flavour boosting, easy vegetarian cooking tips!
  • Have you seen our vegan range?

    We love vegans here at Linda McCartney’s. Many products in our range are vegan – we want to make it as easy as possible for you to live a happy, meat free life!
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    Happy Bad Poetry Day! We’ve got puns, limericks, even a haiku. For you.
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    Liven up your weekend breakfast with these yummy meal ideas from around the world…